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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Accrew?

Accrew is the first member-owned banking application, where members own the profits and have the same upside as shareholders of other major banks.


Accrew provides simple tools for members to manage all of their financial accounts with one app with the ability to view balances, track transactions, and transfer to/from all accounts.


Accrew is building the banking community of the future where members are owners; available on both iOS and Android.


What is Accrew's mission?

Accrew’s mission is to truly align with the interests of its members, creating far better rewards, features, and rates.


Better rewards by receiving ownership of the profits from the company you bank.


Coming soon, better rates by providing FDIC high-yield accounts and easy access to target high-yield accounts. Where members bypass the bank and go directly to the market to invest in short-term securities for higher yields.


Better features, instead of having 5 different apps to manage 5 different accounts, you can connect all your accounts to the Accrew app to view account balances, track transactions, and transfer to/from all your accounts.


How does Accrew make money?

Accrew generates profits for its members from interchange, whenever a member swipes their card, the merchant always pays an interchange fee based on a percentage of the transaction. Also, Accrew generates revenue from net interest margin or a small portion of the APY on members’ accounts.


The best part, Accrew has set up a legal entity for members. Currently, the members own 20% of Accrew while receiving all the profits from the company but in the future, members will own 100% of Accrew.


Think of all the possibilities when members can wield the profits from their bank to provide better returns, buy/invest in companies with more profits/free perks, donate to charities or disasters, or anything up to the imagination of the members; it’s your banking community!


Who can use Accrew

Accrew is available for US citizens who have a valid SSN and over 18 years old. The Accrew card works all over the world but is only available to members living in the United States.


What are the member rewards or Accrew Owner Rewards?

1.   Spend is the total monthly Accrew Card transaction amount for all transactions occurring in a calendar month less all transactions that have been successfully disputed, refunded, or reversed during a calendar month or prior month. Transactions do not include any ATM withdrawals or deposits.
2.   +1UP is the first tier, when you spend over $400 on an Accrew card in a calendar month, you will receive 30% of your profits that month. 
3.   +2UP is the second tier, when you spend over $800 on an Accrew card in a calendar month, you will receive 60% of your profits that month.
4.   Boosted status is when you have a 1UP or 2UP status and have successfully invited 1 or more new members to Accrew. For every successful invite, you will receive 40% of profits from the average user (total Accrew users’ spend / total number of Accrew users).
5.   Successful Invite is defined as a new member who receives an invite link, signs up to become an Accrew member, and spends at least $400 on their Accrew cards during their lifetime membership. Terms on a successful invite may change based on profitability and users will be notified of any changes 30 days in advance.
6.   Profit-Shares are based on 0.35% of users’ total transaction amount on Accrew cards and may vary from year to year ranging from 0.35% to 0.50% based on Accrew’s profitability and users will be notified of any changes 30 days in advance.
7.   Estimated Values may vary based on the rate of users redeeming Profit-Shares/Points and the growth of Accrew. The Estimated Values calculated above assumes 70% of users will redeem their Profit-Shares/Points for cash along with
Accrew reaching 25,000 users in year 2, 100,000 users in year 3, and 500,000 users in a year 4.

Disclaimer: The owner rewards calculator and chart projections are not a guarantee of future results. Members of Accrew should not assume identical results and may differ due to many factors, including but not limited to the timing of member initiation, member spending, number of successful invites, the timing of withdrawals, redemption rate of Accrew's Profit-Shares/Points for cash, the actual number of Accrew users, and profitability of Accrew. Profit-Shares/Points are not deposits of any bank, are not guaranteed by any bank, are not insured by FDIC or any other agency, and involve risks, including loss of value for profit-shares/points received.


Does Accrew charge any fees?

Accrew has very forgiving fees with no monthly fees, no transaction fees, no app fees, and no lost/stolen card fees. However, if a member is negligent in generating pass-through charges, Accrew will assess fees to the member to recoup the loss for the banking community. 

Remember Accrew's Members are the owners and pass-through fees can eat the profits that are distributed to the members. Below are the pass-through fees. 
Accrew Banking Service Fees:
Item:                                                                                        Fee:
Account Monthly Fee:                                                      $0.00
ACH Transactions Fee:                                                     $0.00
Incoming Domestic Wires:                                               $0.00
Outgoing Domestic Wires:                                               $5.00
Incoming International Wires:                                          $0.00
Outgoing International Wires:                                        $20.00
Remote Check Deposit Fee:                                              $0.00
Stop Payment Fee:                                                              $0.00
Research Request Fee:                                                       $0.00
Return Check  Fee:                                                            $35.00
Frivolous Dispute Fee:                                                       $15.00
ATM Out of Network Withdrawal Fee:                             $2.50
ATM Out of Network Balance Inquiry Fee:                      $0.50
ATM Out of Network Decline:                                            $0.50
Cross-Border Fee:            1% of Transaction Amount + $0.30
ACH Returns:  1 occurrence free per calendar year (1/1/2023 - 12/31/2023) 
And $15.00 per transaction thereafter


Does Accrew have overdraft fees?

Accrew forgives 1 overdraft per calendar year (1/1/2024 - 12/31/24) and charges $15.00 per occurrence thereafter.

Remember Accrew's Members are the owners and pass-through fees can eat the profits that are distributed to the members.


What type of cards does Accrew offer?

Accrew offers members a Debit Card, with all the same features as other debit cards, allowing members to only spend the available balance in their account. Additionally, members can access the ATM, use ApplePayTM, use GooglePayTM, or spend anywhere Visa is accepted.

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When do I receive my Accrew Visa Card after I open an Accrew Checking Account?

Typically, members receive their Accrew Visa Debit Card about 5 to 7 business days after opening the account. However, members receive their virtual Accrew Visa Debit Card immediately.


Is Accrew a real bank?

Accrew is not a real bank, it’s a financial technology company that offers banking services provided by Solid Financial Technologies, Inc. and its banking partners, Members FDIC.


How do I deposit money to my Accrew Checking Account?

· When members sign up, they can connect any outside bank account or financial institution to initially transfer and deposit funds.


· Members are encouraged to enroll in direct deposit by copying the bank routing and account numbers and then inputting the credentials into their employer’s payroll web portal.


·Members can deposit a check with the mobile check deposit feature in the app.


· Members can deposit cash by visiting Accrew’s designated ATMs located in the Menu screen under “Find an ATM” in the mobile app.


Can I send money to family/friends?

Accrew recommends sending money via Venmo by connecting the Accrew Checking Account manually with the bank routing and account numbers. Refer to the following prompts on Venmo.

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What is Accrew's ATM Network?

Accrew members can access 37,000 free ATMs nationwide and members can find a nearby ATM by clicking “Find an ATM” in the menu screen of Accrew’s mobile application.


Can I send paper checks?

Accrew allows members to mail a check to any designated recipient with the “Send a Check” feature on the home screen of the Accrew mobile application.


Can I deposit paper checks with Mobile Check Deposit?

Accrew allows members to deposit checks using the “Mobile Check Deposit” feature on the home screen of the Accrew Mobile Application.


How do I pay bills using my Accrew Checking Account?

Accrew members can set up direct debit payments with billers by providing the bank routing and account numbers to the biller.

Direct debits are immediately removed from the Checking Account when requested by a biller and do not place a hold on your funds. If your balance is not sufficient to cover the payment, it will be declined. There are no limits or fees associated with direct debits.


How do I invite friends to join Accrew?

As an owner of Accrew, members are encouraged to invite new members to the Accrew platform, and for successfully inviting a new member, you will receive a significant boost in monthly tokens as long as you spend over $400 each month.


A successful invite is defined as a new member who signs up for the Accrew app and spends at least $400 from their Accrew virtual or physical card.


Accrew Customer Service

Our Member Services team is always happy to help! Please contact us via the app chatbot or you can email us at

For help with fraud, disputes, lost/stolen cards, and all other inquiries call (844) 988-1775 (24/7).


What is your security policy?

Accrew is committed to making sure members' funds and apps are secure. We use 256-Bit SSL encryption, access control, and security processes.  If you notice an unauthorized transaction, please disable transactions on your Accrew card immediately in the Menu screen of the Accrew app to prevent further unauthorized card transactions.


Are my deposits insured by the FDIC?

Accrew accounts are insured up to the standard maximum deposit insurance amount of $250,000 through our banking partners, Members FDIC.


Can you use your Accrew Card in foreign countries?

Members can use their Accrew card outside the U.S. where Visa is accepted with fees of $0.30 per transaction and 1.00% of the transaction amount.


What should I do if I do not recognize a transaction or suspect fraud?

If you do not recognize a transaction in your Accrew account suspect Fraud, we ask that you temporarily freeze your card and contact Accrew's Customer Support:

  1. Login to the Accrew Mobile App, then select the hamburger menu and toggle off the “Active” switch on your physical card.

  2. Contact Accrew Customer Support at (844) 988-1775 or send a message via the Accrew App Chatbot.

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What are my rates?

  1. Checking account provides 0.50% APY

  2. High-yield checking account rates are coming soon.


What should I do if I need to dispute a charge?

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If you have a dispute with a merchant about a charge, we suggest that you try to resolve it directly with the merchant any way possible. If a resolution cannot be reached, please contact Accrew's Customer Support to file a Dispute. 

Call (844) 988-1775 or message support via the Accrew App Chatbot.

Please have all information related to the transaction being disputed readily available. The more information you can provide when creating a dispute, the shorter the turnaround time. Please include:

  1. Reason for the dispute

  2. If the dispute is related to fraud, service not received or not as described, duplicate transaction, or if the transaction was unauthorized.

  3. Any supporting evidence/screenshots that prove the cardholder has tried to resolve this with the merchant or anything else that supports the dispute.

  4. If the dispute is not fraud-related, the cardholder will need to sign and submit the Non-Fraud Dispute Form with Customer Service.

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