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Elevated Mobile Banking Features!

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Elevate to a new and rewarding way of banking with your crew.


As Accrew grows, so will your bank account. Accrew provides the first of its kind Referral Rewards Program. Members who successfully invite new users will receive a portion of their revenue in perpetuity.

Manage All Your Accounts With One App!

Did you know that you can blog right from your published website? After you publish your site, go to your website’s URL and login with your Wix account. There you can write and edit posts, manage comments, pin posts and more! Just click on the 3 dot icon ( ⠇) to see all the things you can do.

Budgeting Features

Accrew provides innovative tools to track and manage your budgets. Previously, more grounded apps only provide lists of transactions and balances. After elevating to the Accrew App, members can view custom charts and graphs to better for a more intuitive display of their income and expenses.

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